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The photographs shown in this website are used with permission of the USHMM:

Arnesta Franko and Anriko Franko, son of Yosef Franko (Photograph #93202)
Bohor Moreno, son of David Moreno (Photograph #92877)
 Estreya “Mara” Ovadia (Photograph #92959)
 Oro (Nehama) Franko (Photograph #93203)
Palomba Pardo, wife of Yosef Pardo, and Yosef’s daughter, Rashel (Photograph #92993)
Sara Graciano (from Sarajevo), wife of Mois Graciano (Photograph #92353)
Sol Moreno, wife of Dario Moreno (Photograph #92356)                                                                                                              Yakov Nissan, son of Avram Nissan (Photograph #92944)
Yosef Pardo and his wife, Sara (Photograph #92994)


The lists of names shown in this site are publicly available from the Yad Vashem Central Database of the Victims of the Holocaust and the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database at the USHMMWritten Names warrants that the compilation and display of these lists is to fair use and exclusively for research purposes.


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