The absent speak and ask for their names. They could not find pencil and paper to write them before execution, suicide, or transport to continue living in the memory of someone. Those who managed to record their will, hid their pleas under the ashes of the crematorium, inside metal canisters or buried in the ground, or asked righteous people to keep them. Many of those scraps of paper will never be found.

To honor the absent and celebrate the living, write the name of a beloved one on a tribute card, shown below; plant it; and have the name come to life as flowers.

By donating the tribute card, Written Names aims to support the fund-raising activities of synagogues, community organizations, educational institutions, and other non-profits. If your organization is interested in receiving a donation of cards, please complete the form below. (Note: The tribute card is not sold or distributed to the public or for-profit organizations.)




“And I have ended becoming my name.”


— Clarice Lispector, The Passion According to G.h.